• The work you see on this website is available for purchase. The preferred method of display is as a gallery wrapped canvas. These generally are sized about 20 x 30, and start at $450. Larger and smaller sizes are available. Each order is a custom process and can be sized and oriented to suit your exact space. All prices include direct delivery to your door anywhere in the USA. Each canvas comes complete with all mounting hardware. Alternatively, I can make archival prints on various types of paper, suitable for your own framing needs, at a significantly lower cost. In addition, if you wish to hire me to photograph on your behalf, my day rate is $3,000. I can do a 1/2 day rate as well. Additionally, if your budget is tight, and you have a compelling subject to photograph, or a location to display my work that intrigues me, I promise to work with you to make it happen. For instance, I would be open to bartering goods or services with people and agencies that are a bit strapped financially.